Companies are living organisms. Their effective short-term and long-term management and development requires many decisions, often taken in conditions of limited access to information. When preparing transactions we support our clients in the decision-making process – we check available strategic options, verify the optimal financing methods, analyse the possibility of preparing the company for sale in the coming years.

We realized transactions for entities from many industries working with strategic and financial investors. We understand their motives, their way of working and their expectations. Our experience and understanding of the needs of entrepreneurs allows us to implement short and long-term strategies. Their preparation is always preceded by a careful analysis of the information collected.

We help our clients seeing their business through the eyes of investors and create a company commercially attractive. We are always available – we run the whole process. Our success is measured by customer satisfaction with the transaction.

Separating and selling parts of the enterprise, building appropriate internal competencies, changing business models, streamlining internal processes – are just some examples of actions taken to increase company value for future sales or acquisition.