Business development oriented companies look for different ways to release value from their assets or investments. At the same time, regulators expect greater transparency and pay attention to the correct accounting for the value of assets.

Through our analyzes, we help managers determine the value of shares or assets in connection with planned mergers and acquisitions, financial reporting, court disputes, tax planning or restructuring of e.g. capital groups.

We prepare valuation of assets and enterprises according to needs:

  • Deals – valuation of shares or an organized part of an enterprise for the purposes of an in-kind contribution, determination of share exchange ratio of merging companies, valuation of bond collateral, valuation of the company for the purposes of compulsory buyout
  • Presentation of the fair value in financial statements – tests for impairment of assets, estimating the value of real estate, determining the value of the management option plan
  • Restructuring within capital groups – determination of the fair value of shares for the purposes of recapitalization of companies, valuation of assets in transactions with related parties, valuation of the organized part of an enterprise, spin-offs, determination of the value of trademark
  • Litigation – determination of the value in accordance with the investment agreement or the articles of association; verification of the valuation of the other party’s expert, determination of the fair value of the shares

We prepare business plans or elements of business plans for companies considering:

  • raising financing for development of a separate business line
  • restructuring
  • reorganization of the capital group and sale of one of subsidiaries
  • attracting investors for development of start-ups as part of subsequent financing rounds
  • use of EU funds and other public funds for financing business activity