Entrepreneurs are facing spectrum of recession and intense challenges associated with it. Therefore management of the company must act, and perhaps above all, as a financial director. This approach requires in-depth analysis of company’s situation, construction of alternative scenarios, as well as increased control and careful monitoring of actions taken. Control of current liquidity becomes essential. However, further development, in addition to short-term analyses, requires measures that take into account a longer, at least medium-term perspective.

All decisions should be made with care for internal and external relationships of the organization, with a view to bring the business back to normal.

Equity Advisors offers a team of specialists supporting companies and their owners in all activities, both strategic and ongoing.

Our strategic consulting services focus on areas related to:

  1. Access to management information
  2. Cost analysis and control
  3. Relations with contractors
  4. Analysis of inventories and supply chains
  5. Relations with financial institutions
  6. Relations with employees
  7. Review of investment plans
  8. Identifying new sources of income
  9. Obtaining financing under the Financial Shield

Within individual points we can distinguish the following issues:

  1. Access to information
  • analysis of the margin of individual products and services
  • allocation of all direct costs and allocation of indirect costs
  • identification of unprofitable business lines
  • focus on the most profitable and recurring projects
  • improving financial liquidity by releasing working capital frozen in receivables, inventories and liabilities
  • monitoring of assistance solutions offered in European countries
  1. Cost analysis and control
  • review of direct and indirect costs
  • increasing efficiency of operations
  • limiting expenses to necessary to ensure business continuity
  • conversion of fixed costs into variable ones
  1. Relations with contractors
  • analysis of receivables
  • analysis of the risk of contractors’ insolvency
  • analysis of trade liabilities
  • renegotiation and extension of payment periods in cooperation with suppliers
  1. Analysis of inventories and supply chains
  • review of inventories and possibilities of their use
  • rationalization of inventory levels
  • ensuring critical supplies
  1. Relations with financial institutions
  • review of existing contracts, payment dates
  • analysis of covenants and the risk of breach of contract provisions
  • preparing a presentation with an analysis of the company’s situation
  • support in talks with financial institutions
  1. Relations with employees
  • ensuring cooperation in critical areas of the company’s operation
  • review of existing employment policy
  • analysis of the need to adapt staff to limited demand
  1. Review of investment plans
  • analysis of planned investments
  • concentration of resources on maintaining functioning
  1. Identifying new sources of income
  • analysis of new geographic markets
  • analysis of the alternative use of existing resources
  • review of strategic projects implemented by competitors
  1. Support for obtaining support under the Financial Shield
  • review of public aid programs in terms of the company’s needs
  • analysis of the company’s situation to assess eligibility for specific programs
  • preparation of application documents, i.e. applications, business plans, restructuring plans and financial models
  • coordination of the application submission process
  • participation in negotiating financing agreement

We encourage you to contact Equity Advisors and take advantage of strategic consulting services. Among our customers are companies operating in the B2B model with a relatively large cross-section in terms of the scale of operations, from start-ups to companies operating in the whole of Europe, generating annual flows at the level of tens of millions of zlotys.